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How To Clean Wooden Tables & Furniture


Wooden piano
Wood Furniture

How To Clean Wooden Tables & Furniture

When you have nice wooden pieces of furniture, wood tables, or even wood floors in your home, you want to keep these surfaces clean and looking their best for years to come. Many wood pieces and wood floors are crafted with care and attention to detail, so keeping them looking their best may require special attention, so it’s important to remember not to use harsh, acidic, or abrasive cleaning solutions when cleaning them. At Distinguished Manor, our team is here to help you keep your home looking beautiful and clean, so keep reading for tips on how to clean wooden tables and furniture.

Dusting in house

Dust Often

Dust in homes can often consist of pet hair and dander, skin cells from the people in the home, and dirt particles that have been tracked in from outdoors. While the build up of these particles can seem harmless, over time layers of dust can accumulate in the polish or finish of your wood house items, negatively affecting the finishes on these items. Prevent this by dusting regularly with a microfiber cloth that will pick up all of these particles instead of sending them flying back into the air.

Stack of towels

Dusting Furniture
Dust Furniture

Use Gentle Cleaning Solutions

A lot of wooden furniture and tables are protected with a layer of polish on top of the finish that gives the wood it’s color. When you clean the surfaces of these wooden items, it’s important not to use cleaners that are too harsh so that you don't negatively affect the polish or the wood itself. Be sure to read the labels of the cleaners you’re using to know if they’re appropriate for wooden items or surfaces. A great way to wipe down these surfaces without damaging them is to use a damp microfiber cloth to pick up the majority of dust and contaminants on the wood.

Gentle Cleaning Solution
Gentle Cleaning Solution

Polish When Needed

While many people assume that you need to polish your wood surfaces regularly, this can actually damage the finish of the wood or lead to layers of buildup, changing the color of the wood item over time. Instead, be sure ot polish only sparingly, when you notice that the polish of the item is looking damaged or dull. By polishing only when needed, you’ll extend the life of your wood furniture items and ensure they look their best for years to come!

Polish Wood Furniture
Polish Wood Furniture

Use Gentle, But Effective Solutions For Difficult Marks

If your wooden furniture or tables have stubborn stains that won’t come off using water or gentle cleansers, there are a few gentle but effective solutions that you can try. You can try using non-gel toothpaste in very small amounts to lift water stains, and a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste can help to lift more stubborn stains as well.

Learn more about cleaning solutions, tips and tricks for special cleaning needs, and more on the Distinguished Manor blog. Get started with our cleaning services by contacting us online today!

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