House Cleaning Services Phoenix: How To Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

How To Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

Everything needs to be cleaned, even the tools you clean your house with. At Distinguished Manor, we make sure our equipment is well taken care of so your house can too. If you own a vacuum cleaner, you should deep clean it about once a year to ensure longevity. If you use it all the time like we do, maybe a little more often, just to be safe. Here are some steps and tips to help you care for your equipment. To contact cleaning professionals, reach out to Distinguished Manor today!

Woman emptying the canister of a vacuum cleaner

The Canister

When beginning to clean your vacuum, make sure you are outside or in a space you don’t mind getting dirty. There are two common vacuum types on the market. One has a bag, and the other has a canister. To empty a bag-based vacuum, simply unzip the vacuum, pull the bag out, and replace it! If your vacuum has a plastic canister, dump the contents out and use pressurized air or water to clean the inside. We will often use pressurized air to clean our vacuums.

Someone changing the filter in a vacuum cleaner

The Filter

The next step is to clean your filter. If your vacuum has a filter, clarify with your manufacturer if your filter is washable or needs replacing. If it’s replaceable, we would advise you to follow the suggestions of your manufacturer. If it’s washable, take the time to carefully inspect your filter for clogs and wash out any dust particles using water or pressurized air. Your manufacturer may also have washing suggestions to help guide you through the process.

Pet hair caught in the brush of a vacuum

The Brush

The brush is not the dirtiest thing to clean, but it may be the grossest since it comes into contact with everything on your floor. Most of the time hair is tangled up in there and needs to be cut away. Use scissors or a knife to cut away any tangles to ensure that your brush is doing its best to clean your floors. As housekeepers, we do this often and it never gets fun, but it is necessary to keep your vacuum functioning well.

Vacuum cleaner on a clean floor plugged into a wall

The Wipedown

Once you’re done, make sure to wipe your vacuum down to clean all the dust off! What you have just accomplished can create a big mess that you may not be aware of until you start wiping. If you used water to clean your vacuum, or any components are wet, make sure they are completely dry before you use your vacuum again. Using a vacuum with wet parts can damage your equipment. This is why we often use pressurized air to clean our equipment.

As a professional cleaning service, we maintain our equipment so that we can care for your home. If you are tired of cleaning your own home and would like your home to be deep cleaned by a professional, contact Distinguish Manor to get an estimate for a house cleaning.

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