Benefits of Houseplants

When it comes to ensuring your Phoenix, AZ house is light, airy, and refreshing overall, one of the easiest ways to achieve this is to incorporate various houseplants into your decor. Aside from being an interactive hobby, taking care of houseplants also allows you to reap the rewards of their aesthetics and air purifying abilities. Distinguished Manor in the East Valley is excited to share a few different benefits houseplants can offer your living space in between your weekly or monthly housekeeping services. Discover how you can make your home a true space for rest and relaxation, and contact us to reserve your high-quality housekeeping services!


Improve Your Air Quality

Because of the constant Arizona heat, it makes sense that you would not keep your windows open 24/7. But when your windows are closed, how do you ensure the air you’re breathing is fresh and clean? The answer: houseplants. Recent research from Environmental Health Perspectives suggests certain plants may be able to help naturally freshen the air in your home in between the housekeeping services Distinguished Manor can provide. In fact, some plants may be able to “soak up” volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) released by the carpet, paint, and other areas of your home. By adding a few areca palm, bamboo palm, spider plant, or ficus tree into your interior decor, you can breathe in fresh air without having to leave your windows open.


Brighten Up Your Living & Workspace

You may have already joined the work-from-home trend, or you may still be working out of an outside office space — either way, adding a few houseplants to your home can brighten up every single room. Whether you’re adding in a few colorful flowers, or are starting your own succulent collection, houseplants can have the same pick-me-up abilities that our Distinguished Manor housekeeping services have. Our Phoenix, AZ area residential cleaning company recommends adding some flowers to your home office to boost your productivity and to your living room to improve your overall outlook on life!


Harvest Herbs for Cooking & Digestion

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly housekeeping services from Distinguished Manor can make your house feel like a well-functioning manor, but we recommend filling at least one room with herb plants so you yourself can feel the same way. By choosing the right houseplants you can harvest herbs from, you can incorporate them into your cooking, improve your health, and boost your own digestion. Whether you choose to grow peppermint, basil, oregano, or ginger, Distinguished Manor’s housekeeping services staff recommend harvesting your own ingredients instead of buying them at the grocery store.


Aloe for First Aid

You may want to add houseplants into a certain room in your home, but be unsure of which to choose. If you really can’t decide, our team at Distinguished Manor advises you to invest in at least one aloe vera plant. In addition to being a beautiful, green, cactus-like plant you can keep on your windowsill, aloe vera is essentially like getting the ultimate housekeeping services for your skin; this is because aloe vera has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, can be used to soothe your sunburn, and may even be able to alleviate pain. Keep a rejuvenating, self-replenishing first aid kit in your home by getting your own aloe vera houseplant!


If you’re ready to upgrade your East Valley home, houseplants are a long-term, affordable solution. Improve your mental and emotional state with the right flower, herb, or succulent plants, and let Distinguished Manor’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly housekeeping services take care of the rest!